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Rohr Chabad House!

Dear parents,

Going away to college is a priceless opportunity to mature and thrive intellectually, socially and politically. For Jewish students, it is also an opportunity to deepen and broaden their Jewish identity, and enhance their sense of commitment to the greater Jewish community - on campus, at home, across America, and throughout the world. 


At Chabad Chevra, we pride ourselves on creating a "home away from home" for Jewish students at University of Hartford.  We are here for every student. We want them to be part of our family.   

We provide a wide array of unique and innovative programs, helping to create a strong and vibrant Jewish community on campus. Our diverse and dynamic programming is for everyone, regardless of background or affiliation, from weekly Shabbat dinners to engaging Jewish educational opportunities. We are proud to say that we have been able to reach many students and inspire them with a positive connection to Judaism and Israel. 

We understand, that as a parent, there can be worrisome moments while your child is away at college. That's why we want you to know that we are here.  Feel free to contact us, introduce yourselves, and let us know what's on your mind. We'll be glad to assist in any way possible.


If you're visiting Hartford for the weekend, you are invited to join us for Shabbat Dinner and experience for yourself the warm, vibrant atmosphere at Chabad. If you need a place to stay, please let us know, we like to host and we love to help in any way possible.


We would not be able to live our dream, serving and making a difference in the lives of our newfound student family without the generosity of individuals like you. If you would like to help support Chabad, please click here to visit our secure online donations page. We are supported entirely by parents, alumni and friends.


We value our partnership with parents, and would love to hear from you. Click here for our contact information. 

Thank you!

Dalia & Rabbi Yossi Kulek and the kids

To contact Rabbi Yossi Kulek, call, text or WhatsApp: (860) 860-997-2921, or email rabbi@chabadchevra.com  

For Dalia, call, text or WhatsApp: (860) 816-3054, or email 2000mommy@sbcglobal.net  

What is the best way to contact us and ask questions?

In general, the fastest way to connect with us is via text or WhatsApp to (860) 997-2921.

What is the best way to get a feel for Jewish life and now what is happening?

We always encourage students to friend the Rabbi on Facebook, https://fb.com/rabbikulek, and follow the Rabbi on Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/fightingrabbi. It’s the best way to get a feel for why our rabbi is different. Our Chabad Chevra Facebook page is https://fb.com/chabadchevra. We also have a Chabad instagram account, https://www.instagram.com/jew.hart.

What type of students go to UHart?

There is a very diverse student body at UHart. Students at UHart are very friendly and there is a place for everyone. Really, everyone is accepted. There is an active Greek Life. However, students who choose not to be involved in Greek Life, easily connect with other students and make friends.

What’s available to Jewish students at UHart?

Chabad is very active on campus. We have a traditional service and Shabbat dinner on Friday nights. At this time Hillel offers a buffet dinner. However, they do not have any services. At Chabad we also have weekly learning classes, Sinai Scholars Society, holiday and social events. Yes, you can have a great time, learn and grow at UHart. Our real success is offering experiential Judaism and not just Jewish learning. Students learn that Judaism can be fun and not just about ritual.

Where is Chabad located?

The Rohr Chabad House is five doors away from the entrance to campus and students are welcome anytime. We are a family affair and it really means a lot to us for the students to become part of our family.

How many students attend Shabbat Dinner?

We have around forty or so students at the Chabad House every Friday night. Special Friday nights will get as many as 80 or so. Our annual Greek Shabbat that we do with the fraternities and sororities draws around 200 students.

How many students participate on Shabbat Day?

Our home, the Rohr Chabad House, is always open to students. While Friday nights are always bigger, we do get students for Shabbat lunch. Anywhere between 8 and 15 students is typical for Shabbat lunch. On occasion we have special events and larger lunches.

Is there a Jewish community besides campus life?

There is a decent size Jewish community in West Hartford that is friendly and welcoming to students.

How many students are involved in Jewish life on campus?

There are roughly 4,500 residential students on campus, according to university estimates about 1,200 are Jewish. Hundreds of students attend Chabad or Hillel events. Active Chabad members are probably close to 100.

What types of students and affiliations attend Chabad?

Majority of the students who are involved in Jewish life at University of Hartford would label themselves Conservative or Reform or nonaffiliated.

How would you characterize the Jewish student body in regard to affiliation - Conservative, Orthodox, Reform, Reconstructionist, unaffiliated?

Chabad crosses all boundaries. The students we work with are really from all denominations. I would say the majority are Reform, then Conservative, then unaffiliated and finally Orthodox. There are only a handful of students who identify as Orthodox. There is a very small core of kosher and Shabbat observant students. They do bond and all go to Chabad. Our Orthodox leaning numbers are nothing like Brandeis, some of the SUNY schools, Maryland or Rutgers. There are only 5 or so students, at most, who are strictly observant, along with another 10 or so who come from Modern Orthodox homes and try to maintain some standard of Jewish observance.

What is the Orthodox Jewish population on campus?

There are only a handful of students who would characterize themselves as observant. Our observant Jewish community cannot compare with the likes of Brandeis, Binghamton, Rutgers and Maryland. Schools that have hundreds of active observant students.

Is there Kosher dining on campus?

There is a Kosher Kitchen in the campus dining hall, Commons, for which Rabbi Kulek is the rabbinic administrator. The Kosher Kitchen serves 2 meals per day on Monday through Friday. Lunch and dinner. As long as you are on the university meal plan, mandatory for all students living on campus, there is no extra cost. You just walk up to the kosher counter in the cafeteria for your meal. In Gengras Student Union there are also kosher wraps and prepackaged meals-to-go. Typically, you use dining dollars for these meals. Your dining plan consists of meal swipes and dining dollars to buy whatever. However, for kosher observant students the Office of Student Affairs has made arrangements in the past so students can eat these meals as part of their regular meal swipes as well.

Any other Kosher options besides on campus?

There is Crown Supermarket and Big Y Supermarket near campus with great selections of Glatt kosher products at reasonable prices. Both locations have delis with prepared foods and kosher bakeries. Crown also has sushi and pizza.

What is the availability of religious services on Shabbat? Are the services Conservative, Reform or Orthodox?

We offer traditional services every Friday night. Chabad by University of Hartford strives to have Shabbat morning services a couple times a month. There is simply not enough interest to offer minyan every Shabbat morning. On campus there is no daily minyan.

Are you able to obtain a minyan off-campus - and if so – are there egalitarian options? Are the shuls within walking distance of campus?

There are community shuls with daily minyanim, Chabad of Greater Hartford and Young Israel are both about two miles away. There are also very large and active Conservative and Reform congregations in West Hartford. There are a few students who walk to the off-campus shuls. Additionally, there are few students active in the local area Reform and Conservative congregations where they work in their Hebrew Schools and assist with their Shabbat programs. The synagogues are always looking for capable students to teach in their Hebrew Schools.

Can students spend Shabbat and Holidays in the community?

The local area Orthodox Jewish community is welcoming to students with both families at Chabad and Young Israel happy to host students for meals. Our friends in the Chabad community are also very accommodating if a student wants to sleep in the community on Shabbat and holidays.

Can a student stay off campus for Shabbat?

Occasionally there are students who are more comfortable spending Shabbat at our Rohr Chabad House. We have a large home with many guest rooms. We are always excited to host students and visiting families as well. In the right situation we are also willing to offer room and board.

Are services at Chabad run by students?

Often student led. Certainly, student friendly. "Karlbach style".

Where can you get more information?

If you would like to schmooze and discuss UHart further, talk about other Jewish options on campus, Jewish fraternities, your specific needs, please feel free to call Rabbi Kulek at 860-997-2921.

What’s special about Chabad Chevra?

Chabad’s biggest strength at University of Hartford is that we offer the students a sense of family. A true home away from home! Looking forward to welcoming you on campus!

Jewish Life in Hartford



Student Interest Form

Share your family information with us, so that we can be sure to engage and assist your student to the best of our ability.

We treat every student as part of our family. 

Sponsor Shabbat


We count on the generosity of our friends and family so that we can be here for each and every student.  

Sponsor a Shabbat dinner in honor of a student or simply because you care! 

Hawktober Shabbat


Hawktober is the University's annual Homecoming and Family Weekend and all are welcome to join! It's also the largest reunion of the year, with many alumni returning to campus to gather with classmates and relive fond memories.


Come join your Chabad family for Shabbat dinner. All students, alumni and families are welcome. 

Let us show our families what's so special about Shabbat @ Chabad. 

Come to Chabad Chevra @ 100 Bloomfield Ave at 7:00pm for services followed by dinner. 

Come and go as you please! 

Delicious gourmet fall foods! Pumpkin pie, apple crisp, and more! 

If you need a place to stay for Shabbat, please email us at chabad@hartford.edu or give Rabbi Kulek a call at 860-997-2921. 

Birthday Wishes


Happy Birthday!

Want to celebrate with your child for his or her birthday?


We offer you the opportunity to order a cake, sponsor a Shabbat dinner, and send a special message for your child. 

Let them know you care. 

The dinner, or the cake will be personalized for your child's birthday with decorations, celebration and more. Your special message will be read to your child and his or her friends on the Shabbat of or before your child's birthday. 

Just fill out the form below and we'll call you back with the details. 

Chicken Soup for the Soul


Has sleep deprivation already sunk in before a single exam has been taken?


Is your child missing the taste of some good ol' fashioned home cookin'?


Is he or she perhaps a little "under the weather"? 


Have you been resisting the urge to whip up a pot of your famous Kosher Chicken soup and make the drive to Hartford to hand-deliver it yourself? 

If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, then Chabad Chevra is here for you!



Chicken Soup for the JewHart Soul! 

Your all-access pass to taking care of your son or daughter from afar! 

Getting homemade kosher soup delivered straight to their dorm room or off-campus apartment is now just a few clicks away. 

Simply fill out this form and we will take care of the rest! 


Purim Gift Baskets


Purim Gifts for Students at University of Hartford 

Send a Purim Basket to a student at University of Hartford.


Students work so hard at school;

they deserve some Tender Loving Care. 

Chabad will deliver a package of sweet treats on Purim

day that is guaranteed to put a smile on the student's face. 

Large Basket: $36 

Regular Basket: $18 

The jolly festival of Purim is celebrated every year on the 14th of the Hebrew month of Adar (late winter/early spring). It commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia from Haman’s plot. 

Purim Observances 

  • Reading of the Megillah (book of Esther), which recounts the story of the Purim miracle. This is done once on the eve of Purim and then again on the following day. 

  • Giving money gifts to at least two poor people. 

  • Sending gifts of two kinds of food to at least one person. 

  • A festive Purim feast. 

To Learn More About Purim:   



Want to keep Kosher for Passover? Sign up to partake in Passover meals.

Fresh Lunch & Dinner is available daily! 

Sign up for dinners provided by Chabad Chevra to reserve your seat. 

Lunch is provided by Aramark Dining Services & Hartford Hillel. 

We offer warm, interactive Passover Seders. Our Seder is English friendly and not prayer intensive, so everyone can feel welcome. Enjoy fine wines, full dinner, and crispy hand-made Matzot. Celebrate the Holiday of Freedom at a Seder experience you will remember for a lifetime! 

Passover Meals

Passover Seders

Welcoming & Student Oriented

  • Saturday, March 27 at 8:15 - 10:45pm 

  • Sunday, March 28 at 8:15 - 10:45pm


At the Rohr Chabad House,
100 Bloomfield Ave 

Passover Lunch Meals

Provided by  Hartford Hillel  &  Dining Services 


Fresh Passover Lunches Provided by the University of Hartford 


Hartford Hillel and Aramark Dining Services are partnering to offer fresh Kosher for Passover lunches.  


April 22-26th from 11:30-1:30pm in the Commons Private Dining Room. 


On the menu: deli, sides, salads and a few hot items.  


All meals will be Glatt and Kosher for Passover  

Catered by the Crown Market 

Served in disposable utensils. 


In addition, throughout Passover, Aramark will have, upon request, Kosher for Passover heat up meals such as turkey, chicken, brisket, fish and vegetarian options.  



Passover Donations


Donate & Partner with Chabad Chevra  


Students are treated like family. No student will be asked for payment.  


All our programming is FREE, pluralistic, accessible and welcoming to all students. 


However, as a nonprofit that is not funded by any national or regional bodies, we depend solely on the generosity of parents, friends and alumni to bring meaningful Jewish experiences to our student family. 


Please consider making a tax deductible contribution to this important work. Please partner with us! 


We suggest a $36 donation to help defray the cost of the Seder.

$120 is our suggested donation for our Passover Programming.

We suggest $15 per dinner.

Donations made on this site are meant solely to support the activities of Chabad Chevra on behalf of students at University of Hartford. 

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