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Your donation and partnership in our work is vital to our continuing success serving students at University of Hartford. Your help allows us to empower our generation's future leaders with the beauty and depth of our tradition. All of our funding comes from YOU, our friends and family. 

The Chai Club is a group of alumni, parents, friends and partners dedicated to help guarantee that we meet our financial needs through securing a consistent foundation of monthly financial support. We hope we can count on you just as the students and community count on us. It is thanks to those who selflessly give of themselves to support Jewish life at University of Hartford that we continue as the heart of Jewish life on campus and achieve our goals.


By becoming our partner through the Chai Club, your donation, combined with everyone else’s in this special club, will allow us to continue serving the students and community’s needs. 


Please join the Chai Club today, with a monthly tax-deductible contribution. Eighteen is the numeric value (gematria) of the word CHAI, meaning life in Hebrew. Please consider making a monthly pledge in multiples of $18.00 as you partner with us to sustain Jewish life. At any time you wish, you can increase, decrease or cancel your pledge.  

This program is secure and convenient and it will provide the financial assurance to continue our vital work and is a great opportunity to give Tzedakah-Charity and support the Rohr Chabad House and our efforts to provide and enhance Jewish life and learning at University of Hartford. 

Join the Chai Club for a 12 month commitment by checking off the box "Recurring" and join a group of alumni, parents, friends and partners dedicated that we meet our financial needs through securing a consistent foundation of monthly financial support. If the need should arise you can cancel at any time. 

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Mail To:

Chabad Chevra

100 Bloomfield Ave

Hartford, CT 06105


Alumni Tree of Life

Alumni Tree

Alumni have the power and means to make a meaningful impact on the success of Chabad Chevra. Joining the Chai Club means being a continuous and essential part of the hard work Dalia and Rabbi Kulek do on campus by committing to contribute a small amount each month over the span of 3 years. Together we can make a difference! 

With your commitment you will receive a gold leaf with your name on it. This leaf will go on a Tree of Life Alumni Dedication Wall in the Rohr Chabad House, permanently marking your partnership and impact in the stability and growth of Chabad Chevra and Sinai Scholars.  

Knowing that you want to participate and that in your present situation you may not be able to commit the full recommended amount of $36 per month, we present additional suggested donation options and payment schedules. Your commitment will be kept confidential and you will be treated as an equal partner regardless of the size of your commitment.  

We are partners and by no means want to add to your stress. At any time, should your situation change, you can increase, decrease or place on hold your pledge. 

Chai Club Pioneer

$36 per month for 36 months

$36 a month, wouldn’t buy much of anything these days, but it will make a huge difference to the future students of Chabad Chevra and Sinai Scholars that want and deserve the same opportunities we had. Especially if we do it together.  

Grad Student

$18 per month for 36 months

Did you just graduate or are currently in graduate school? Consumed by loans and unemployed? Or simply not earning enough? Yet, you care and want to contribute and receive your place on the Tree of Life? We have an exclusive option for you.

Spousal Discount

$54 per month over 36 months for both partners together

Are you and your partner both graduates of University of Hartford and would like to share a leaf on the Tree of Life? Is $36 each too cost prohibitive for the two of you at this time? Please consider the Spousal discount.

Is your situation such that you cannot afford to commit to any of the suggested amounts listed above? We still want you involved! Please tell us what you can afford and what type of arrangements you would like to make. 

Chai Form
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